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Marian prayers


Mother I after weary waiting 
Through a Rosary of years, 
Thou hast heard my Life's petition— 
Thou hast banished all my fears; 
Though, alas too oft forgetful   
Of thy gentle, loving care, 
Thou hast not disdained to hearken
To my oft-repeated prayer. 


Oft while with a dreary sameness 
Duty moulds each passing day, 
Midst its claims too oft neglectful 
We, thy children, fail to pray; 
Yet amid the tapers gleaming 
Brightly at thy favoured Shrine,
Wait thy suppliants' petitions
From dim dawn till day's decline. 


Citation : MY MOTHER'S PICTURE. (1944, June 22). Catholic Weekly(Sydney, NSW : 1942 - 1954), p. 12. Retrieved May 31, 2015, from

Mother, your virgin beauty has compelled 
The hands of masters famed adown the years; 
The greatest names in art are linked with yours 
In some Madonna praised on every tongue.
And I have seen them, Mother, and have sought
My Mother's eyes, her look, her very soul;
But ne'er those soft creations touched a chord   
Within my heart

St Therese of Lisieux's poem about Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

St Teresa


On my way to Heaven,
Where I shall see you,
Your beloved image accompanies me
on my earthly journey
to be my Perpetual Help.

You know how your sweet image
captivates my soul,
Near you I breath the fragrance of love,
And find my peace in your gaze.

Your maternal smile shone above me,
When I was good,
When I erred, sad was your gaze upon me.

My childish prayer you welcomed with caresses and maternal love,
I look upon you and weep no longer,
For I anticipate my Heaven.

My Mother, support me in the terrors
of my battle for God on earth,
IMG 2032To bring to Him my prisoners of war,
A thousand souls for His love.

Image of Mary, be always for me
A rich honeycomb of love,
To sweeten the bitterness of death;

My eyes to ever draw from you my consolation.

From this earth to you I go
Throwing myself into your arms,
To rest forever in your sweet embrace,
which none will ever take from me.


Prayer to OLPS by St John Paul II

IMG 1510Oh Mother of Perpetual Succour,
Holy Mother of the Redeemer,
magnificent sign of hope, we entreat you,
come to the aid of your people, who long to rise again.
Give to all the joy,
of approaching the third millennium in conscious and active solidarity with the poorest among us,
proclaiming in a new and valiant manner
the Gospel of your Son,
the foundation and summit of all co-existence,
in longing for a true peace, fair and lasting peace.
Like the infant Jesus,
whom we admire in this venerated icon,
we too wish to clasp your right hand.
You have the power and the goodness to help us in every need and situation.
This is your hour!
Come to our aid And be the refuge and hope of us all.



Prayer to our Mother of Perpetual Help

IMG 2035

O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke Thy most powerful name, which is the safeguard of the living and the salvation of the dying. O Purest Mary, O sweetest Mary, let Thy name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay me, O Blessed Lady, to help me whenever I call on Thee, for in all my needs, in all my temptations I shall never cease to call on Thee, ever repeating Thy sacred name, Mary, Mary, O what consolation, what sweetness, what confidence what emotion fill my soul when I pronounce Thy sacred name, or even only think of Thee. I thank God for having given Thee, for my good, so sweet, so powerful, so lovely a name. But I will not be content with merely pronouncing Thy name; let my love for Thee prompt me ever to hail Thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.

Say nine Hail Marys.

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