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OLPS Prayer

Prayer to OLPS by St John Paul II

IMG 1510Oh Mother of Perpetual Succour,
Holy Mother of the Redeemer,
magnificent sign of hope, we entreat you,
come to the aid of your people, who long to rise again.
Give to all the joy,
of approaching the third millennium in conscious and active solidarity with the poorest among us,
proclaiming in a new and valiant manner
the Gospel of your Son,
the foundation and summit of all co-existence,
in longing for a true peace, fair and lasting peace.
Like the infant Jesus,
whom we admire in this venerated icon,
we too wish to clasp your right hand.
You have the power and the goodness to help us in every need and situation.
This is your hour!
Come to our aid And be the refuge and hope of us all.



150th Jubilee Prayer for Our Lady of Perpetual Succour



O Mother of Perpetual Help,

Icon of Love

Your sorrowful gaze

at our suffering and that of Jesus

entrusts us into the love of the Father


Help us to make you known even more

And to be missionaries

of the good, beautiful and joyful life of the Gospel

Open our hearts

to the cry of those without hope

until all come to believe.


Teach us

to  ponder the Word in our heart

and to do what your Son asks us to do

Enable us to walk with you

with the great light of faith

to light up our path


Thus one day we will be able

to contemplate with you

the face of the Father

who with the Son and Holy Spirit

lives and reigns forever and ever.




Hymn of St Therese of Lisieux to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour


St Teresa [I]    


 Full well you know that from my tenderest years

 Your image sweet has borne my heart away,

 For tender pity in your gaze appears,

 With you I found the golden light of day. 




 O Virgin Mary, when to heaven I go

 Your loveliness forever shall I see; 

 But my Perpetual Succour here below

 Is your sweet Image ever dear to me.  




When fervour made me willing to obey

It seemed as if your picture on me smiled,

But if betimes, my will was led astray,

Your welling tears reproved your erring child.




In hearkening ever to my lowly prayer, 

You showered on me the sweetness of your love,

The very thought of you is now a share 

A foretaste of eternal bliss above. 


By the Rev. Matthew Russell, S.J

IMG 1337Queen of Perpetual Succour, 
And Mother more than Queen! 
For thy pure heart a mother's 
To me has always been. 
Thy love has smiled upon me 
Ere I thy name could know. 
Before my first Hail Mary! 
Alas! so long ago. 


Yet why alas? —I thank thee
And bless my gracious God 
That I thus far in safety
Along life's pathway plod.
The perils of the journey 
I almost cease to fear, 
Queen of Perpetual Succour! 
Since thou art always near. 


Be near me when the tempter
Steals nigh with poisoned breath 
Near 'mid the toils of daytime,
Near in the night of death. 
I've seen thy children dying, 
So calm, so bright, so brave!
In that dread hour be near me, 
To succour and to save. 


When life and death are over, 
And when the cleansing flame 
"Has wrought its work of mercy, 
May Jesus name my name, 
And bid my angel bear me 
In triumph to His Heart! 
Queen of Perpetual Succour, 
Till then, ah ! plead my part.



Mother I after weary waiting 
Through a Rosary of years, 
Thou hast heard my Life's petition— 
Thou hast banished all my fears; 
Though, alas too oft forgetful   
Of thy gentle, loving care, 
Thou hast not disdained to hearken
To my oft-repeated prayer. 


Oft while with a dreary sameness 
Duty moulds each passing day, 
Midst its claims too oft neglectful 
We, thy children, fail to pray; 
Yet amid the tapers gleaming 
Brightly at thy favoured Shrine,
Wait thy suppliants' petitions
From dim dawn till day's decline. 

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