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Mother I after weary waiting 
Through a Rosary of years, 
Thou hast heard my Life's petition— 
Thou hast banished all my fears; 
Though, alas too oft forgetful   
Of thy gentle, loving care, 
Thou hast not disdained to hearken
To my oft-repeated prayer. 


Oft while with a dreary sameness 
Duty moulds each passing day, 
Midst its claims too oft neglectful 
We, thy children, fail to pray; 
Yet amid the tapers gleaming 
Brightly at thy favoured Shrine,
Wait thy suppliants' petitions
From dim dawn till day's decline. 
Thus 'twill be until Life's vesper 
Comes, its closing to proclaim, 
When earth's joys and sorrows vanish, 
And we feebly call thy name; 
Like the taper dimly burning 
While our thoughts were far away,
Comes the star of Hope to whisper 
Thou, O Queen, wilt be our stay. 


Be then our unfailing succour 
While we cross life's harbour-bar, 
Keep, Oh Mary for thy children,   
Heaven's portals wide ajar,   
Show thy Son thy mark upon us 
When Death's passover is nigh, 
Ward off the destroying Angel, 
And receive our latest sigh.


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