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By the Rev. Matthew Russell, S.J

IMG 1337Queen of Perpetual Succour, 
And Mother more than Queen! 
For thy pure heart a mother's 
To me has always been. 
Thy love has smiled upon me 
Ere I thy name could know. 
Before my first Hail Mary! 
Alas! so long ago. 


Yet why alas? —I thank thee
And bless my gracious God 
That I thus far in safety
Along life's pathway plod.
The perils of the journey 
I almost cease to fear, 
Queen of Perpetual Succour! 
Since thou art always near. 


Be near me when the tempter
Steals nigh with poisoned breath 
Near 'mid the toils of daytime,
Near in the night of death. 
I've seen thy children dying, 
So calm, so bright, so brave!
In that dread hour be near me, 
To succour and to save. 


When life and death are over, 
And when the cleansing flame 
"Has wrought its work of mercy, 
May Jesus name my name, 
And bid my angel bear me 
In triumph to His Heart! 
Queen of Perpetual Succour, 
Till then, ah ! plead my part.


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