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Novena Prayers

Novena Prayer by St. Alphonsus


Mother of Perpetual Help, behold at your feet a sinner who has recourse to you and has confidence in you. Mother of mercy, have pity on me. I hear all calling you the refuge and hope of sinners. Be, then, my refuge and hope of sinners. Be, then, my refuge and my hope. For the love of Jesus Christ, your Son, help me.

Give your hand to a poor sinner who commends himself to you and dedicates himself to your lasting service. I praise and thank God Who is His mercy has given to me this confidence in you, a sure pledge of my eternal salvation.

It is true that in the past, I, miserable and wretched, have fallen into sin because I did not have recourse to you. But I know that with your help I shall be able to overcome myself. I know, too, trhat you will help me, if I commend myself to you. But I fear that in the occasions of sin, I may neglect to call upon you and thus run the risk of being lost.

This grace, then, I seek of you; for this I implore you as much as I know how and as much as I can: that in all the attacks of hell I may ever have recourse to you:

“O Mary, help me. O mother of Perpetual Help, do not let me lose my God”





O God, our Creator, we thank you for the gift of life and all the gifts of nature;

our senses, our faculties, our talents and our abilities.

We thank you for creating us in your image and likeness and for giving us this earth to use and develop, to respect and cherish.

Despite our failures, you continue to show your love for us today by increasing the life of your Spirit within us at the Eucharistic table.

Finally Father, we thank you for giving us Mary, the Mother of your Son, to be our Mother of Perpetual Help, and for all the wonderful things you have done for us, especially for giving us your Son, Jesus, to be our Redeemer.

We are grateful for all the favours we have received through Mary's intercession. We pray that those past favours may inspire us to greater confidence in your loving mercy and in seeking the aid of our Mother of Perpetual Help.






O Mother of Perpetual Help, with great confidence we come before your holy icon to be inspired by the example of your life.

We think of you at that moment, when, full of faith and trust, you accepted God's call to be the mother of his Son.

Help us your children, to accept with joy our calling in life. 

When you learned that your cousin Elizabeth was in need, you immediately went to serve her and offer your help.

Make us, like you, to be concerned for others. 

We think of you, Mother, at the foot of the cross.

Your heart must have bled to see your Son in agony.

But your joy was great when he rose from the dead, victorious over the power of evil.

Mother of Sorrows, help us through our trials and disappointments.

Help us not to lose heart.

May we share with you and your Son the joy of having courageously faced up to all the challenges of life.


This prayer is often used in conjunction with this Prayer of Thanksgiving.



Dear God, our Father, I thank you for sending Jesus to be my brother and Mary to be my mother in heaven. In this beautiful picture I am reminded that Mary wants to help me and pray with me. Dear Mary, I remember how you were always ready to look after people who needed you and how much you loved Jesus and suffered with him. Please help me to be like you and look after all those people who need my help. Please pray with me for those who are close to me – my family and my friends – and all those who need my prayers. I make this prayer to you, God our Father, through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Dear God, our Father, thank you for all the good things I have in my life. Make me grateful when things go well and for the things I can do well. Help me to be patient when things are difficult and I am struggling. I know that Mary always wants to help me with her prayers so that I may never forget how much you and your Son, Jesus, love me. Amen.

prayers courtesy of Fr. Tim Buckley C.Ss.R

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