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Video highlights from the 2016 Solemn Novena at Liverpool

Opening Mass of the Liverpool Novena at St. Mary's Woolton

                                                    - homily of Bishop Ralph Heskett C.Ss.R


Sunday 19th June - Fr. Andrew Burns C.Ss.R

Monday 20th June - Fr. Barrie O'Toole C.Ss.R

Wednesday 22nd June - Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Kelly noon Mass

Wednesday 22nd June -  Blessing of Medals and congregation

- Fr. Timothy Buckley C.Ss.R

Wednesday 22nd June - Highlights of  7.30pm Mass with

Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Kelly 7.30pm Mass

Thursday 23th June - Fr. Kevin Callaghan C.Ss.R

Friday 24th June June -  The Nativity of John the Baptist -

What's in a Name - Fr Andrew Burns C.Ss.R

Friday 24th June - The Novena Prayer

Saturday 25th June (Healing Mass) - Fr Andrew Burns C.Ss.R

Sunday 26th June - Fr. Timothy Buckley C.Ss.R

Monday 27th June  Noon Mass - Fr. TImothy Buckley C.Ss.R

The noon Mass was attended by children from Our Lady's Bishop Eton Primary School. Fr. Tim illustrated what he wished to convey with one of his Freddie Freckles stories.

Monday 27th June - 7.30pm Mass with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP


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